Brie & Ben featured in The Knot Michigan Magazine | Ann Arbor Wedding Venue | Kelly Braman Photography

Posted on May 21, 2015 in Blog
“The grand, rustic log cabin felt and smelled like home as soon as you walked inside,” Brianna explains. “Everything about Sunset Cove encouraged exploration and celebration. The best part was that everything took place there and we didn’t need to travel up north to experience that setting. It ended up exceeding our expectations.”

There’s something so special about seeing photos in print. Physically leafing through a magazine and catching a little glimpse of Sunset Cove will never get old (so we bought 5 issues… what of it?). Kelly Braman captured the joyful day so well – we can only hope to see her shooting another Sunset Cove wedding soon.


brie ben michigan wedding the knot

re-posted from Kelly Braman @kellybramanphotography


Brie & Ben were also featured online in The Knot’s real wedding section. Click the image below to link to The Knot post. Don’t miss the epic wedding cheese-wheel cake by Zingermans and see if you can spot our dear Henry dog…

The Knot Michigan Real Wedding Sunset Cove Ann Arbor Wedding Venue


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